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DEPARTURE: From Igoumenitsa to Lefkimmi,  


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Schedules 16/07/2018 until 16/09/2018


Από Λευκίμμη προς Ηγουμενίτσα

From Lefkimmi to Igoumenitsa

Από Ηγουμενίτσα προς Λευκίμμη

From Igoumenitsa to Lefkimmi






















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corfu igoumenitsa ferries offices lefkimmi

Lefkimmi is a town in southern Corfu seat of the dimou.komvous country.

The area , which includes municipalities and Lefkimmeon Korission extends from Messonghi and the homonymous river, as the southernmost tip of Corfu , the ( the so-called cavo bianco Venetian era ) . The area mentioned is known from medieval times called Alechimmo, the Strait of Lefkimimi the famous naval battle had taken place between Corinth and Athens during the Peloponnesian War . Unlike the rest of Corfu is mountainous , it has low hills with olives ,and in the lowlands are cultivated citrus and vineyards with wine known in Corfu. It has many villages scattered in every corner , on a green background settlements and beaches.It also has tourist areas such as St. George in Argyrades , Kavos , more traffic during the summer , the beach of Marathia , the Maltas or Saint Barbara , the Gardeno, resort for a relaxing holiday , the Buka . There is the homonymous city of Lefkimi, an extensive settlement in many neighborhoods, such as Rigglades the Anaplades ,Saints Theodori , Potami the channel , and Melikia.

Lefkimi is Lake Korission connected by a narrow channel to the sea. Near the Cape is the Arkoudila , with an old monastery.Lefkimmi has a port that serves many people and is connected with the port of Igoumenitsa.  In the wider area still belong Boukari that offers fresh fish , and the mountain village of Xlomos. The Lefkimmiots have a special dialect and local costumes . In the streets you will encounter women carrying containers with balance on the head.

corfu igoumenitsa ferries offices igoumenitsa
Igoumenitsa, the capital of Thesprotia , is a beautiful city of about 15,000 inhabitants. It combines the green of the trees with the blue sky and the sea , because it sprawls under a lush forest in front and surrounded by the deep blue waters of the Ionian Sea . The port of Igoumenitsa is a link between Greece and Europe. This makes it one of the biggest commercial. The town is connected by ferry to Paxos, Corfu, Patras and Italian ports such as Bari , Brindisi, Venice and Ancona . Currently running in two highly relevant projects to further economic and trade development of Igoumenitsa : Egnatia Road ( road link Igoumenitsa Alexandroupolis ) and the new Commercial commercial port hubs of the country.
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Passengers can book or pre-buy tickets for all destinations at our head ticket offices. For further information, please contact us by telephone or email. You may also use your credit/debit card to book your tickets, through our e-ticket service, which you can access from the TIMETABLES section (currently under construction).

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Up to 24 hours prior to departure:
Tickets are fully refundable (for online bookings, or new tickets of same or greater value can be issued for a different date/time (also depending on availability).

Between 24 hours and 2 hours prior to departure:
Tickets are NOT refundable. Passengers can only issue new tickets for a different date/time and of the same or greater value (also depending on availability).

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No refund or amendment of tickets is possible.

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In case of loss of ticket(s) passenger(s) must purchase new tickets and pay for them again.

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Pets travel free of charge in specially designated kennels on the deck or accompanied by their owners on the external decks. Pets are not allowed in indoor public areas. Pet owners are responsible for feeding and pet hygiene. Pet owners are required to have their pet's valid health papers with them.

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LEFKIMMI LINES: Agios Nikolaos , Lefkimmi , Corfu, 49080
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Fax: (+30)2662023200

Manager Office: Spiros Therianos
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Manager office: KOURIS NIKOLAOS
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Sarris Lines

SARRIS LINES Antistaseos St. & Spurou Mouriti 1, 49080, Corfu
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Manager Office:  Kostas Kantas
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